Boulding Blocks, LLC

Boulding Blocks, LLC mission:  Open a new dialog between form and space for creative inspiration, aesthetic engagement and mental recreation.   A Colorado company founded in 2015, Boulding blocks makes a unique educational puzzle that is a game, art and design, at the same time.

Introduced as the “Perfect Cube”, this product is perfect for museum stores looking for new products to capture the imagination of all age groups.  It is the perfect cube to stand out in a crowded field of cube designs.  It is the perfect cube to demonstrate the geometry of positive and negative space in three dimensions.  And, yes, it is a perfect cube.

Designed by artist Mark Boulding, Cube is the first in a series of classic forms exploring the relationship of a form and its 3D negative.  Multiples of two shapes, one white, one black, interconnect as a challenging puzzle.  Rearranged, pieces make an unlimited portfolio of architectural and artistic expressions.  One cube elegantly contains eight pieces.  Multiple cubes offer more and more possibilities for building larger and larger creations.

Cube was developed over a fourteen month perod.  3D printed prototypes were made before the current version was sent out for feasibility study of mass production.   Many die makers said it could not be done.  Through a technically precise use of ejector pins, temperature and twist control, the ABS plastic injection molded product has the touch, feel, weight and finish of a precise instrument.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Cube is what can be done with the rest of the family of products in development.  Following Cube are Sphere and Cylinder, all completely interchangeable with each other.  Now only available as one off 3D prints, these will be made available to stores in 2016 to lure fans and augment sales of Cube.

Not yet developed, the product family will include Cone, Tetrahedron (pyramid) and Prism.  This completes the family of classic forms from one-sided (sphere) to six-sided (Cube).  It also fills all six lines of the Cartesian coordinate system in a geometrically playful way.

Cube may be used for individual fun or group activities.  It is especially suitable for developing hand-eye coordination in children.  It may be used for team building exercises for young adults.  It can also be used by Senior’s for hand strengthening exercises.

Boulding blocks are CPSIA compliant.  For ages 6 and up.   Made in the U.S.A.  


Boulding Blocks and Conjoined Space Theory

A new discovery of spatial relationships is being called “Conjoined Space Theory” by Mark Boulding, a designer and artist who lives and works in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

"It started with stacking clay bricks to dry, the same way it has been done since the dawn of civilization.  You want as much space around the bricks as will create air-flow to suck out the moisture.  A proportion of brick to space at about 50/50 is about right.”

It’s easy to see the bricks, or substance.  We are trained to see it.  It is another thing to see the space or voids.  That takes a leap of imagination. Think of spaces as “things” to conjoin.  Boulding Blocks are based on two forms.  One form is of conjoined “solids”.  The other form is of conjoined “voids”.

White pieces represent “solids” and black pieces represent “voids”.  Each piece is of equal volume.  The interlinking of the pieces make a structural system of infinite possibilities.  Adding color or images to different faces adds another dimension to explore.

With the slogan: Think outside the Blocks, a team of designers and marketers is exploring ideas such as building block sets, branded collectibles, 3D portraiture, mechanical puzzles, architectural components, interactive art installations, interlocking tiles and furniture designs.

Mark Boulding is teaching a ceramics studio course on Conjoined Space Theory next summer, 2015, at SAIC, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


All rights to images in this post are reserved by copyright 2014.  Images may be used with credit given to Mark Boulding Art.  Most images shown are 3D laser print models.  Cube, sphere and cylinder each fit in space 2.25” cubed.   Patent Pending.  

Mark Boulding



MFA, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1973.  BFA, University of Colorado, 1971. 




Art in the Atmosphere, NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, 2015

Colorado Clay Show, Foothills Arts Center, Golden Colorado, 2014

Paper Light Show: ExhibitQuest, Denver, 2005

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Group Show, Center for Idea Art, Denver, 1981.

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Evanston Annual Invitational Ceramic Show, Evanston Illinois, 1974.

22nd Denver Metropolitan Show, Denver Art Museum, 1974. 

Colorado Biennial Show, Denver Art Museum, 1971. 



Boulder Arts Commission appointee, Co-chair of art in public places program, Founding member of Boulder Arts Foundation. Co-chair University of Colorado Fine Arts Department Advisory Board.    


Awards Honors and Publications: 

Recipient of National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artists Grant. Recipient of Western States Arts Foundation fellowship.  Work described in American Ceramics, 1876 to the Present,  Garth Clark, Abbeville Press, New York.    



Adjunct Faculty, School of the Art Institute Chicago, 2015  

Visiting Artist, School of the  Art Institute Chicago, 2013.

Assistant Professor of Art, Earlham College, Richmond Indiana 1974 – 1977.

SummerVail Ceramic Workshop, 1974.

Lectures at Ohio State University, University of South Florida, Earlham College, Kenyon College


Business Person

Founder and President, Boulding Blocks, LLC, 2015.  Design, production and sales of educational art.

Founder, Mark Boulding Art, 2013.  Sole Proprietor.  

Founder and President, ExhibitQuest, Inc. 1992.  ExhibitQuest creates distinctive exhibits for trade shows and events. Executive Vice President, Design Dynamics Exhibits 1977 – 1992.